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Spice up your next pie with these herbs

What makes pizza a delectable treat we have all come to love is the great sauce that comes with it. This is why choosing the right herbs and spices that make up the sauce is very essential in pizza-making. Different pizza parlors may have their own recipes for pizza seasoning; it will always boil down to the ingredients used to make a great-tasting pizza. Whether or not you’re planning to make your own, here’s a list of herbs and spices that will work great on your pizza:

Sweet yet bitter oregano

Oregano is known for its complex taste – a little bit sweet but bitter at the same time. What’s more is that it has this aroma that makes traditional pizza scrumptious just by the whiff of it. There are usually two main varieties of this herb, the Mediterranean and the Mexican. The former has its own distinct taste, but the latter is the one most commonly used in traditional pizza.

Basil and its natural sweetness

This makes basil perfect for almost all types of tomato sauces for pizza. This sweet herb is used in pizza seasoning usually dried, but a handful of its fresh leaves make a really refreshing topping for a pizza fresh from the oven.

Parsley will perk up your pizza

The Italian parsley, or the flat leaf type, has this fresh flavor that will surely give your pizza a unique taste. Dried parsley, on the other hand, gives pizza a hint of tartness that makes tomato sauces or vegetable toppings a different feel. You may also sprinkle your freshly-baked pizza with fresh parsley.

The sweet aroma of marjoram

Make your pizza taste delicious

Make your pizza taste delicious

Another addition to a great pizza seasoning is the marjoram. This versatile herb’s flavor goes somewhere like basil and oregano. It is usually found in poultry seasoning and gives every pizza sauce a punch of its aromatic sweetness.

Sage for your meaty pizza

Sage has long been an oldie in pizza sauces, especially used to make pork, chicken, or other meat stuffing more flavorful. Its subtle yet sweet taste complements every pie that is topped with beef or sausages. Your favorite pepperoni will never be the same without a hint of sage in it.

The fragrance of thyme

This small-leaved herb will always go well with various food and herbs – especially with pizza. It has this earthy taste that will give your pizza seasoning a balanced flavor, not to mention its fragrance is a plus.

Garlic is always an exception

Make your own pizza recipe

Make your own pizza recipe

Garlic may not be on the list of herbs, technically speaking; it should be listed on the ingredients that will make your pizza one-of-a-kind. It does not only give your pizza an authentic Italian flavor, it will also balance your tomato sauce’s sweetness and acidity.

There’s always time to know the different elements to make your pizza worth sharing to your friends and family. Different herbs and spices each work different ways to pizza sauces. It will only depend on your preference, but it is surely exciting to try other flavors, too.

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